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SCRIPT:  OK, We're At The Part Where I Send The Courier To Pick Up Your Information.   When He Or She Gets There, He's Going To Ask To See Some VALID PICTURE ID So Have It Ready.  Also Give The Person Your Original W-2's, WE CAN NOT USE COPIES!  The Courier Is Will Also Have A IRS and Bank Form On Which He Or She Wrote Some Numbers.  You Have To Sign Those Forms Where You See The "Check"  Marks!  (If Married Both Must Sign!!!!!)

SCRIPT:  Now (First Name) The Courier Has Up To 2 Hours to Get To The Address Where You Tell Us But He Usually Gets There Much Sooner.  As Soon As He Gets There And You Sign The Everything,  That Starts The Timer .

SCRIPT:  (First Name) If The Courier Does Not Get There,  Call Back At (Detroit) 313-961-7111 (All Others-800-454-3128) And Hit Option 8 for the Dispatcher.  They Can Contact The Courier And Find Out What's Going On.  Do You Have Any Questions Before I send Him? (Pause)













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