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SCRIPT: Thank you for calling TAXexpress, my name is (name). May I have your name and your zip code please (enter zip code above and record their name)? Thank you!  May I call you (say first name-pause), how can I help you today?

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    (1)  How Does The Service Work?                              (6)   How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

    (2)  How Much Does All This Cost?                            (7)  Why Have I Never Heard of You?

    (3)  Express Check?  Fast Check?  Insta Cash?         (8)  Where Are You Located? 

    (4)  What Do I Need To Use The Service?                  (9)  What Bank Do You Go Through?

    (5)  I Need to Know My Refund Now?























Basically, I'll do a detailed interview with you over the telephone and while we're talking, I'll be doing your taxes . When I'm done, I'll tell you your refund and then dispatch a free uniformed courier who will come to you and pick up your papers and get some forms signed.


Then, depending on how fast you want your money, we send everything to the IRS and will get a check for you which the courier can also bring to you if you like. The pick up and delivery is part of our service and is free.


Now as for your money.  We have four different ways for you to get the money fast.  First is Insta Cash. This a product where the bank advances you up to $650 of your refund and you get it just a few minutes. Then there is a our 8 Hour Express Check or our 72 Hour Express Check and we have a less expensive 10-12 business day Fast Check.


Our preparation fee will depend on which forms we actually have to do for you.  You then have the option of paying us up front or having the fee taken out of the first refund check that comes in.


The bank will charge you separately for their products and their fee depends on which of the money products you select and the amount of your refund. Their price for Insta Cash is a up to $78 to $93 depending on the amount.  For the 8 Hour and 72 Hour Express Check they will range from $69 to 179, again depending on the amount of your refund. The cost for the 10-12 day Fast Check is a flat $99. That's it!












That will depend on which forms we have to do. But basically there are two parts. Our preparation fee and the bank's fee to get the check you want.

For us, the Federal 1040 is $45, the Earned Income Credit Form is $43, the state of (say state) is $32 and the (City of ) is $28 and its $4.50 for each W2 you have. The pick up and delivery, of course, is free.

The bank's fee will depend on how fast you want your money. They will charge you separately and that ranges from $69-$179.



























This is our fastest way to get money and uses a Refund Anticipation Loan from the bank or what they call a RAL. A RAL is a process whereby we complete a bank loan application and they loan you the amount of your refund. The bank then gets paid back when the IRS pays your refund. But remember, if the IRS doesn't pay your refund or only pays some of it for some reason, you still have to repay the bank whatever they gave you.


With Express Check, once the courier picks up your data and you have signed all the forms, we guarantee to have a check for you within 8 business hours or we'll pay you $25. To qualify for Express, you can't owe any back taxes, defaulted student loans, back child support or had a bankruptcy within the last 2 years. You also can't have had a negative "Rapid Refund or Express Check" experience in the last 2 years. The cost depends on the amount of the refund and the bank will take their fee and ours from the first check that comes in.










This is a great product which only we offer and guarantee! With "Insta Cash", our courier brings you a check for $500 or $650 minus the bank fee. He actually brings that when he comes to pick up your papers and get the forms signed. It too is a Refund Anticipation Loan and the bank charges $78 for the service.

Its qualifications are the same as for Express Check and you must have to have had your last years taxes prepared and electronically filed professionally and be able to prove that if it was not by TAXexpress. As I said, the courier will bring the money with him.




























Fast Check works the same as Express except it will give you your check when the IRS actually pays your refund.  It takes about 12-14 business days and costs a flat $99 no matter what the amount of the refund.































Before I can answer that, I'll need to ask you a few questions questions.


































































About 6-8  hours after the courier leaves, you should call 888-212-3633 to see if the IRS had any problems with your tax return.  That number will also tell you when your check is in and available for us to deliver it to you are you can come and get it.





How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

We're a highly ethical national tax service just like H&R Block and all of our preparers are professionally trained. 

In addition to that, we have a corporate ethical code which is strictly enforced and requires that everything you tell us never be shared unless you give us written permission. But when its all done, we have to just show you!  But I think you'll be pleased!














Why I Have Never Heard of You?

(Caller From Detroit)  I don't know.  We're a national company and our headquarters is downtown. 

(Caller From Outside Detroit)   That's  probably because we've only been in (City) for two years.  But we're a national firm just like H&R Block and we're located at (say address above).
















Without Hesitation, Say Address In Top Frame












We use Household Bank, the same as H & R Block.  But even better, we offer Check Exchange and Cash Pick so you can either go to (say our bank above) and cash your check and you don't need an account or we'll send you to one of our cash centers and you can pick up the cash itself.

















Basically, since the bank which makes the Refund Anticipation Loan does not have branches in (City), many customers either deposit their checks and are forced to wait 5-7 business days to get the use of their money or they go to a check cashing service which often charge from 5% to 12%.


With "Check Exchange", you can sign a authorization form and we will take your out of town check and give you a check drawn on (Say Bank Above) so you can go into any branch and cash it even if you don't have an account there. The fee for "Check Exchange" (Say above %).
























Cash Pick is really nice, its kind of like like "Check Exchange" except I'll tell you the address to one of our Cash Centers, you go there and they'll give you the cash.  It costs 5.48%.






































Support Partner Call

A Support Partner is a TAXexpress employee. Their call should receive the highest priority and should be immediately transferred to the Shift Supervisor on Duty.

    If the call comes back because the person is unavailable, you should take a message which will immediately page the supervisor.












Check On Refund Call


Have you called our refund line? 

If No

Give them the toll free number 1-866- Refund0...then end the call)

If Yes

and what did it tell you. (listen and respond- If they are still not satisfied)

What kind of check did you request? (Get Answer and calculate the proper "business days" 10-12 Business days for Fast Check or 8 Business hours after the Cour"acknowledgement" by IRS for Express.)

(If The Correct Time Has Passed, transfer to customer service as follows:)

(1)    Press the Transfer button (this places the call on hold);  Dial Extension 415 on the number pad (Customer Service); Press the Transfer button again (this sends the call)

(If Call comes back from customer service then send a message.  Tell Customer they will call back in under 10 minutes)






















































































I Need To Know My Refund Amount Now?

I'd love to tell but I can't compute your refund because I would have to go through the entire interview.  But I can tell you that if you made less than $30,000 and have children, you probably have a Earned Income Credit coming which is usually in the thousands.  Once we go through everything, I'll be able to tell you the real refund.











This is a short term loan by a bank.  We actually arrange everything.  Basically, once the IRS tells us that you tax return is good and that they will be paying it, we immediately notify the bank.  The bank then  loans the amount of the IRS refund.  A couple or few weeks later, when the IRS pays the refund, they pay it to the bank and the bank pays off the loan. 

This  is not a loan like for a car.  The bank does not care how bad your credit is or anything like that.  They do care whether the IRS is going to be paying your refund.  But the IRS has already confirmed the refund before the bank even gets involved so its always secure unless you owe back taxes, child support defaulted student loans or are claim an adopted child for the first time.  Its a special type loan but your're still responsible for it. 

















Checking on Refund Call

SCRIPT: Have you called our "Express Check Refund Line" (1-866-Refund0) 

(If Yes) What did it tell you (listen); Otherwise, Refer call to customer service at 1-866-TAXexpress (1-866-829-3977). 

(If No) Have them Call The Refund Line at 1-866-Refund0!













SCRIPT:  Sorry about that...Let me give you a number to call.  Its our Customer Service.  They will know all about your return and can tell you what's  going on.  Ready 1-866-TAXexpress (1-866-829-3977).  Call then and they'll be able to tell you about everything!



















Basically, the Express Check is a tax refund anticipation bank loan which uses your tax refund as its collateral.  We nor any bank issue tax refunds .  ONLY the IRS does that.